Friday, September 23, 2011

Here I go...

"When someone asks you, A penny for your thoughts, and you put your two cents in, what happens to the other penny?" - George Carlin

 So, like I mentioned in my description, this is an experiment. I'm not sure how often I may post or why anyone would want to read it, but I think I wanted to do this because it could be liberating.
I have a friend with her own blog, which with her permission I may link to from time to time, that made me think about starting this. I read her posts and find myself not just being welcomed into her private life, but looking at myself. In down times her blog can be comforting by letting me know others feel this way. Other times she makes me reflect on my past remembering good times and bad.
This blog, like the title states is just going to be my opinion, my "2 cents" on a variety of different topics. It is basically a way for me to vent or hopefully de-stress  by putting my feelings out on the web. I do have a couple of ideas for some posts so I do have at least two more coming, any more than that we will see in time.
I will try to keep this from becoming too personal. Yes I plan on posting my feelings about certain things but my family, and my work will most likely be off limits. If either are mentioned it will be in a generic way. I ask that if you know me and want to make comments on any of my posts that you keep them generic as well.
Now with all of that out of the way I boldly step into the world of blogging, here I go..

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  1. This is very good. I look forward to reading more about your "2cents". Write what you feel and I am sure people will find more in common than you think. I know the blog you that you reference in this and your words are very kind. Thank You...your fellow blogger...